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  • MoistTech Corp
    Sarasota, United States of America
    Controlling the amount of moisture in wood products is a critical concern of the forest industry. An excess of moisture can have large impacts on final product quality and production. With MoistTech’s NIR moisture sensor, wood product manufacturers can adjust moisture levels on real-time information lowering raw material and fuel costs, higher yields, and more uniform products. Near-Infrared moisture measurement is a non-contact measurement that offers clear advantages over the traditional methods, most important being ease-of-use, elimination of hazardous chemicals, and increased efficiency of product testing. With NIR analysis, all manual steps of collecting, drying and accurately weighing samples are eliminated.
  • GreCon Ltd
    Blaydon, United Kingdom
  • LIMAB UK Ltd
    Wellington, United Kingdom
  • Scantron Industrial Products LTD
    Taunton, United Kingdom

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