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  • Koppers Performance Chemicals
    Marlow, United Kingdom
    Koppers is the world leader in timber preservation technology, delivering market-leading solutions for agricultural, construction, landscaping, and utility applications with over seventy years of proven performance. Koppers offers a complete line of timber treatment products to meet the most demanding needs. Kopper’s market-leading brands include PROTIM®, CELCURE®, FIREPRO®, MICROPRO®, PROTECT®, PROTREAT® and AQUATAN®, helping to create beautiful end products as well as protecting our customer’s wood from the risks of fungal decay and insect attack. Koppers, Inc. is recognised as the world’s premier supplier of timber preservative and enhancement technologies.
  • BRE Ltd
    Watford, United Kingdom
  • Cowley Timberwork & Partners Ltd
    Newark, United Kingdom
  • Lamisell Ltd
    Meeth, United Kingdom
  • Rushmoor Engineering Services
    Farnham, United Kingdom
  • Sylvan Stuart Ltd
    Insch, United Kingdom
  • Timber Concept GmbH
    Weissensberg, Germany
  • TimberLab Solutions Ltd
    Auckland, New Zealand
  • Wiehag GmbH
    Bury St Edmunds, United Kingdom

Page 1 of 1. Results 1 to 9