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  • Harmony Timber Solutions
    Canterbury, United Kingdom
    Harmony Timber Solutions - Timber Engineering Experts. Part of the Wyckham Blackwell Group of Companies we are one of the UK’s largest independent timber engineering companies and are a leading manufacturer for off-site construction and engineered Timber Frame Kits, Timber Frame, Roof Trusses & Open Metal Web Joists. We supply timber Roof Trusses for any project, including extensions, new builds, residential developments, and commercial projects. The timber roof trusses are individually designed components made from strength graded timber joined together with steel nail plates and use 40% less timber than traditional cut and pitched roofs. Combining the lightness of timber with the strength of steel webs, our Posi Joist floor designs give the most versatile open web system available to the modern building designer.
  • BRE Ltd
    Watford, United Kingdom
  • Cowley Timberwork & Partners Ltd
    Newark, United Kingdom
  • Lamisell Ltd
    Meeth, United Kingdom
  • Merronbrook Ltd
    Hook, United Kingdom
  • Rushmoor Engineering Services
    Farnham, United Kingdom
  • Sylvan Stuart Ltd
    Insch, United Kingdom
  • Timber Concept GmbH
    Weissensberg, Germany
  • TimberLab Solutions Ltd
    Auckland, New Zealand
  • Wiehag GmbH
    Bury St Edmunds, United Kingdom

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