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  • Timbermark Identification Systems Ltd
    South Moreton, United Kingdom
    Timbermark is an Oxfordshire-based company providing specialized inkjet printing equipment for the timber industry with a particular focus on sawmills and pallet manufacturers. For sawmills, thermal inkjet printers offer high resolution printing at speeds of up to 300m/minute. This is well suited to planer outfeeds, allowing logo, technical and compliance information to be clearly legible on planed timber. There are also options for printing on sorter lines or on end stamps. For pallet manufacturers, Timbermark offers high resolution printing of ISPM15 stamps, logos and date information on either 2-way or 4-way pallets to replace marking with stencils or hot branding. There is also a range of high-resolution handheld printers, printing 25mm, 50mm or 100mm high. Timbermark operates across the UK and Europe, with an HQ in Oxford, UK, and a distribution base in Belgium serving the EU market.
  • Inspirwood
    Teignmouth, United Kingdom
    Shefford, United Kingdom
  • Martek Industries Ltd
    Cannock, United Kingdom
  • NCB Marking Equipment Ltd
    Buckingham, United Kingdom
  • REA JET Ltd
    Leicester, United Kingdom
  • Xact
    Liverpool, United Kingdom

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